Avril Joy

Avril Joy is an award winning short story writer, novelist and occasional poet.

Born in Somerset, she grew up in the watery landscape of the Somerset Levels, the backdrop for her first novel, The Sweet Track.

Before settling in the north of England, she lived in East Anglia and London, both places which she still thinks of as home. She has travelled widely in India, Kashmir and Nepal.

She worked for a number of years as a teacher and manager in a women’s prison, where in 2000 she met the Writer-in-Residence and was inspired to write. Until then she had no thoughts of being a writer. In many ways her experience in prison never leaves her. The lives of the women creep in again and again, often unannounced, into her writing, as does the watery world of her childhood.

She posts regularly on her website and blog where she offers a free newsletter for her readers.

Avril’s books published by Linen Press

Sometimes a River Song