Linen Press is a small, independent publisher run by women, for women. We are now the only indie women’s press in the UK.

Our policy is to encourage and promote women writers and to give voice to a wide range of perspectives and themes that are relevant to women. We display and rejoice in the differences in female creative voices.

We publish books that are diverse, challenging, and surprising. The collective background of our writers is a multi-coloured patchwork of cultures, countries, ages and writing styles.

Established 2005  •  Finalist 2015 Women In Publishing Pandora award  •  Shortlisted 2019 Most Innovative Publisher Saboteur Awards.


Newest Releases

Dead Drop
FC Malby
AA tense thriller from The People's Book Awards winner, F C Malby, author of Take Me To the Castle and My Brother Was a Kangaroo. Dead Drop is a fast-paced, intelligent thriller that exposes the undercover world of art heists and takes us on an exciting journey through Vienna’s galleries and museums. Skilled art thief, Leisl, enjoys the danger of removing paintings for private collectors until she comes up against a harsh truth that makes her question everything she knows. read more →
A Child in the Middle

A Child in the Middle

Catherine Chanter
A Child in the Middle is not just another book about adoption. A skilled professional who sits on adoption panels, Catherine is herself adopted. Armed with decades of understanding and experience, at the age of fifty she embarks on an emotionally charged journey to find her own birth mother. And so, begins a detective story of false starts, hopeful leads, and blind alleys which take her to Ireland and Canada. We stay at her side as she speaks of her need to be whole and to know herself by knowing her parents and her past. Interleaved are delicate vignettes showing Catherine’s close ties to the landscape and her reflections on what nature tells us about resilience, roots and revival.
Cried Out the River for Love
Charlotte Fairbairn
What is it to be a parent? What is it to be the parent of a child who is distant and different and fragile? In this magical tale, a larger-than-life sculptor father and a costume-maker mother, watch over their angel, Sybilla. They live in a nameless city on a mythical river aboard a barge with a moon-and-stars clock, a camomile lawn, and festoons of velvet. And then their beloved child is missing. A profoundly original look at the unfathomable complexity of family relationships which asks what it mean to be lost, and found? The story tumbles and flows with the energy of the river, breathless yet poised, the words sparkling with a fierce and perfect originality. read more →