Linen Press is a small, independent publisher run by women, for women. We are now the only indie women’s press in the UK.

Our policy is to encourage and promote women writers and to give voice to a wide range of perspectives and themes that are relevant to women. We display and rejoice in the differences in female creative voices.

We publish books that are diverse, challenging, and surprising. The collective background of our writers is a multi-coloured patchwork of cultures, countries, ages and writing styles.

Established 2005  •  Finalist 2015 Women In Publishing Pandora award  •  Shortlisted 2019 Most Innovative Publisher Saboteur Awards.


Newest Releases

The Fine Art of Grieving
‘Grief is in the details so is the healing.’ Jane Edberg’s creative muse vanished when a switch flipped from child alive to child dead. How was she supposed to process her loss? This lyrical, original, beautifully written story is about how, after the tragic death of her adored nineteen-year-old son, she rediscovers the power of art to create an unconventional pathway through grief. read more →
This second anthology of women’s poetry by UK, US and international poets follows the resounding success of Tabula Rasa, Linen Press, 2023. Here are profound, surprising and moving poems that explore the theme of relationships between women and others who have touched them briefly, or forever. New voices join acclaimed writers. read more →
the water all around us
Set on a small Scottish island, The Water All Around Us is a poignant novel about loneliness, roots and belonging. Recently arrived, crofters’ child Fenn is troubled by being different and not fitting in. Incomer and marathon swimmer Jess is running away from personal tragedy. A young whale, separated from his pod, swims in the wrong direction and embarks on an arduous, heart-breaking journey. All three are at home in the water, but when their lives connect in the sea that fringes the white sand beaches, their paths converge and collide with disastrous consequences. read more →