Meet our authors

Ann Oakley
Writer and sociologist Ann Oakley's first published novel, The Men's Room, was serialised by the BBC. read more →
Charlotte Fairbairn
Charlotte Fairbairn has published three novels and is past winner of a Northern Writers’ Award.
read more →
Avril Joy
Avril Joy is an award-winning short story writer, novelist and occasional poet. read more →
The Whole Kahani
The Whole Kahani (The Complete Story) is a collective of talented British fiction writers of south Asian origin. read more →
Hema Macherla
Indian writer Hema Macherla is a born story teller. Her debut novel, Breeze From The River Manjeera, has won a swathe of awards. read more →
Margot McCuaig
Margot McCuaig is a writer and award winning filmmaker read more →
Kavita A. Jindal
Kavita A. Jindal is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in anthologies and literary journals worldwide. read more →
Jan Hartley
Jan Hartley crossed the channel to live in France at the age of 78. read more →
Mona Dash
Born in India and living in London, Mona Dash has written two collections of poetry, two books and a collection of short stories. read more →
Clare Best
Clare Best decided when she was six that she wanted to be a writer. Along the way she worked as a fine bookbinder, a bookseller and an editor. read more →
Ali Bacon
Ali Bacon's work marries her interests in fiction and early photography. She now lives in Bristol where she writes and performs her work at live events. read more →
Karen Kao
Karen Kao is a published poet and short story writer. Linen Press published her debut novel, The Dancing Girl and the Turtle in 2017. read more →
Lindsay Parnell
Lindsay Parnell was born on a marine base in Jacksonville and grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia. Linen Press will publish her debut novel, Dogwood, in March 2015. read more →
Maureen Freely
Maureen Freely is a renowned novelist, translator and activist. She was born in the US but grew up in Turkey. read more →
Lynn Michell
Lynn Michell has published 13 books including an illustrated writing scheme for schools, a book about ME, and two books published by The Women’s Press. read more →
Vicki Jarrett
I can’t remember a time I wasn’t scribbling down random lines, but I do remember the first time I completed a story. read more →
Susie Nott-Bower
Writing is magic. Like all creative acts, it has the potential to transform both the writer and the reader. read more →
Sophie Radice
I have made my living as a writer since my son was born and I moved to France, to a battered old millhouse to the north of Paris. read more →
Kerry McPhail
Kerry McPhail adores writing and is often found in the cafés of her native Portsmouth avidly typing on her laptop. Her first book was published by Linen Press. read more →
Olukemi Amala
UK-born, Nigerian writer Olukemi Amala lives in Scotland. She defines herself as a critical thinker and writer who occupies a space on the margins of life. read more →
Juliet Bates
Juliet Bates is both writer and artist. Her debut novel, The Missing, was short-listed for the Paris Prize for Fiction. She lives in France. read more →
Stephanie Taylor
Stephanie Taylor is an award-winning writer and artist who draws on her multi-media talents in her richly visual debut novel, The Device, The Devil & Me. read more →
Marjorie Wilson
Marjorie Wilson’s lyrical memoir about Edinburgh at the turn of the century, Childhood’s Hill, was the first publication from Linen Press. read more →