Meet our authors

Ena MacDonald

Born in 1940 in Ardbhan, Kyles, North Uist, Ena MacDonald has spent almost her entire life in crofting.

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Jane Edberg

Jane Edberg resides in the United States and is an author and artist with a Master of Fine Arts from the University of California.

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Avril Joy
Avril Joy is an award-winning short story writer, novelist and occasional poet. read more →
Maureen Freely
Maureen Freely is a renowned novelist, translator and activist. She was born in the US but grew up in Turkey. read more →
Lynn Michell
Lynn Michell has published 13 books including an illustrated writing scheme for schools, a book about ME, and two books published by The Women’s Press. read more →
Susan Clegg
Susan Clegg has an M.A. in Writing from Sheffield Hallam University and has been shortlisted for the VS Pritchett Prize in 2020. read more →
Jess Richards
Jess Richards was born in Wales and raised in Scotland. She is the author of three literary fiction novels: Costa shortlisted Snake Ropes, Cooking with Bones and City of Circles read more →
Catherine Chanter
At the age of fifty Catherine Chanter set out to find her birth mother, a journey that took her to Ireland and Canada. read more →
Ann Oakley
Writer and sociologist Ann Oakley's first published novel, The Men's Room, was serialised by the BBC. read more →
F. C. Malby
F. C.  Malby is a novelist, short fiction writer and poet. read more →
Charlotte Fairbairn
Charlotte Fairbairn has published three novels and is past winner of a Northern Writers’ Award.
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The Whole Kahani
The Whole Kahani (The Complete Story) is a collective of talented British fiction writers of south Asian origin. read more →
Hema Macherla
Indian writer Hema Macherla is a born story teller. Her debut novel, Breeze From The River Manjeera, has won a swathe of awards. read more →
Margot McCuaig
Margot McCuaig is a writer and award winning filmmaker read more →
Kavita A. Jindal
Kavita A. Jindal is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in anthologies and literary journals worldwide. read more →
Jan Hartley
Jan Hartley crossed the channel to live in France at the age of 78. read more →
Mona Dash
Born in India and living in London, Mona Dash has written two collections of poetry, two books and a collection of short stories. read more →
Clare Best
Clare Best decided when she was six that she wanted to be a writer. Along the way she worked as a fine bookbinder, a bookseller and an editor. read more →
Ali Bacon
Ali Bacon's work marries her interests in fiction and early photography. She now lives in Bristol where she writes and performs her work at live events. read more →
Karen Kao
Karen Kao is a published poet and short story writer. Linen Press published her debut novel, The Dancing Girl and the Turtle in 2017. read more →
Lindsay Parnell
Lindsay Parnell was born on a marine base in Jacksonville and grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia. Linen Press will publish her debut novel, Dogwood, in March 2015. read more →
Vicki Jarrett
I can’t remember a time I wasn’t scribbling down random lines, but I do remember the first time I completed a story. read more →
Susie Nott-Bower
Writing is magic. Like all creative acts, it has the potential to transform both the writer and the reader. read more →
Sophie Radice
I have made my living as a writer since my son was born and I moved to France, to a battered old millhouse to the north of Paris. read more →