Linen Press is proud to announce the publication of three novels about colonialism and its fallout on the lives of women both now and in the past. Common threads are the oppression of the minority by the majority, unjustifiable constraints on the freedom of the individual, and the search, against the grain, for independence and fulfillment.

The backdrop for Blue Eyes by Hema Macherla is India in the 1920s when Gandhi takes the world stage and when the fate of child brides and widows is governed by cruel religious laws.

White Lies by Lynn Michell takes place in Kenya in the 1950s during the uprising of the land-hungry Mau Mau tribes. One woman hides her search for happiness under the escalating bloodshed and violence.

Under An Emerald Sky by Olukemi Amala is set in a small town in contemporary Britain. We watch two young black women grow up influenced by the different stories they are told about their African inheritance.

Three very different novels. One theme – power and oppression. In each one we listen to strong and previously unheard voices from the margins.