The Whole Kahani


Sensual and surprising stories that play a tantalising game of hide-and-seek with lies and truth. Chameleon-like characters slip in and out of shadows as they construct elaborate ruses and clutch at worlds that remain just out of reach. Their appetite for life is bitter and sweet but never predictable. An old recipe, an outing, a robot, a key – clues to people they once were or hope to be.

A third collection of short-form stories from The Whole Kahani. The mood is mischievous and ingenious as characters invent and seek half-hidden truths and half-forgotten memories. From these pages floats a mouth-watering aroma of cherished childhood meals, meals eaten by lovers and meals flavoured with nostalgia and loss.

Publication date: November 10 2021
978-1-8380603-1-2 paperback
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‘A kaleidoscopic, humanistic delight! It consists of fourteen short stories, written by eight members of The Whole Kahani. Together these individual authors have given the reader a dazzling, multihued work as stylistically diverse as it is thematically united.’
– The Yorkshire Times


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The Whole Kahani (The Complete Story) is a collective of British novelists, poets and screenwriters of South Asian origin with an array of awards. Contributing to this book are: Reshma Ruia, Kavita A. Jindal (co-founders), Mona Dash, Radhika Kapur, CG Menon, Deblina Chakrabarty, Nadia Kabir Barb and Khadija Rouf. The collective has published two critically acclaimed anthologies: Love Across a Broken Map (2016) and May We Borrow Your Country (2019).

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