Lynn Michell


​”Their eyes met and locked. Pulling his hand from his pocket, Neville waved. once.”

A faded seaside town in autumn is the backdrop for this elegiac story of a vulnerable boy and the adult who befriends him. Eight year old Neville, who counts stars and steps and grains of sand, is the first to notice that the red beach hut is occupied again. Abbott is on the run after a disturbing cyber attack. Their fleeting friendship, played out on the margins of sea and shore, brings the honesty and compassion both seek. But others watch, judge and misinterpret what they see while Abbot’s past runs at their heels.

An evocative portrayal of two outsiders who find companionship and solace on a lonely beach. This novel is about the labels we give people who are different and the harm that ensues.

With poetic, melodious prose, and with rhythms that illustrate Lynn Michell’s assurance as a writer, the narrative moves back and forth between characters, as well as across the ebbs and flows of time and timelessness.
— Joyce Goodman, author and Professor of History of Education

The Red Beach Hut is a compassionate exploration of the complexity of human relationships, a loving ode to the restorative power of friendship and an incisive commentary on the dark desire to label each other and the harm which can result from our misinterpretation.
– Megan Kenny, Disclaimer Magazine

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About this book

This poignant novel is about a fleeting friendship between a boy and a man on a tired English beach. This deceptively simple story line brings in its wake a subtle commentary about our society’s growing intolerance to outsiders. Set at the time of the 2015 general election, compassion, honesty and consolation are drawn against bigotry, prejudice and ignorance. Neville, who counts steps and stars and grains of sand, is a boy you will take into your heart.

About the author

Lynn Michell has published 14 books including Write From the Start, an illustrated writing scheme for schools, Shattered, an acclaimed account of what it is like to live with ME, two books about mothering adolescents published by The Women’s Press, and three novels, White Lies, runner-up for the Robert Louis Stevenson award, Run, Alice, Run and The Red Beach Hut. She also runs Linen Press, the only independent women’s press in the UK.

ISBN: 978-1908600677
Published: October 4th, 2017

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“We live in polarised, paranoid times, suspicious about anything that departs from the norm. We are lucky to have writers like Lynn Michell to remind us that even here, even now, it is possible for the lonely and excluded to connect. It is rare to find such beauty and language as crisp and refreshing as the seaside it so powerfully evokes.”
— Maureen Freely, President of English PEN, novelist, translator and activist

“From the first pages of this novel, Michell sets up an atmosphere of such convincing threat that the reader’s expectations are on red alert.”
— Jenny Garrod. DURA. Dundee University Review of the Arts.

“Lynn Michell writes a beautifully innocent and endearing tale twisted by the tainted gaze of society’s perverse darkness….She presents the reader with the delicate and fragile moments in which one reveals oneself to another and hopes that that this vulnerability will be met with compassion.”
— Isabelle Coy-Dibley for The Contemporary Small Press.

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