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For Alice Green, reaching fifty is much the same as being invisible so why not make the most of it. Her head-in-the-sand husband doesn’t notice the clothes mountain and piles of pretty stationery. The adrenalin rushes become addictive highs in a life that has wavered and halted. But when two police cars draw up outside her house in leafy Edinburgh, she knows the game is up. Alice must face the present and rake over the past.

Run, Alice, Run is an irreverent coming-of-middle-age novel that looks with irony and black humour at the way society defines and diminishes women of all ages.

Assured, fluent and very readable. Her characters live and breathe…Alice’s story is not just an engrossing read – it is a political statement about the position women still hold in our ‘enlightened’ society.’
– Jenny Twist, author of Cottage at the End of the World and The House in Mill Street.

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About this book

Run, Alice, Run will speak to middle-aged women who feel irrelevant, invisible and redundant in a society that values youth over wisdom, beauty over experience. Fifty-something Alice Green responds with a manic shop-lifting spree – after all no-one sees her – that prompts her to question and understand her past in a bid to secure and save her future.

About the author

Lynn Michell has published 14 books including Write From the Start, an illustrated writing scheme for schools, Shattered, an acclaimed account of what it is like to live with ME, two books about mothering adolescents published by The Women’s Press, and three novels, White Lies, runner-up for the Robert Louis Stevenson award, Run, Alice, Run and The Red Beach Hut. She also runs Linen Press, the only independent women’s press in the UK

ISBN: 978-1908600455
Published: April 10th, 2015


“Run Alice Run traces the breaking points of a young girl’s heart and the ways in which each fracture moulds her into the woman she’s become.”
— Isabelle Coy-Dibley, The Contemporary Small Press.

“In this eloquent novel, Lynn Michell ultimately weaves a poignant tale of hard-won freedom. It illustrates how a mutilated sense of self can translate into a set of behaviours that range from self-harm to rebellious cries for help.”
— Jenny Gorrod, Dundee University Review of the Arts.

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