Vicki Jarrett

A blackly funny romp of a novel which takes place one Saturday night on a busy junction in Edinburgh’s city centre. Beth who works in a chippy, Amber who dances naked round a pole and George in his monkey suit collide by chance and set in motion a train of events that are breathtakingly dramatic, surreal and hilarious. The strength of this truly original novel is that beneath the thrill-a-minute, fast-paced action, Vicki Jarrett deals with serious issues as the unforgettable characters’ life-crushing backgrounds are slowly revealed and the past catches up with the present.

A singularly unpretentious and progressive novel of crime, drama and comedy, dripping with inner city colour.
— Peter Burnett

This book is no longer available to purchase from Linen Press.

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About this book

Vicki Jarrett is most at home writing short stories but her tale of three lives colliding unexpectedly drove her to write her first novel, Nothing is Heavy. She has twins, a boy and a girl, and lives in her beloved Edinburgh.

ISBN: 978-0-9570050-3-7
Published: September 2012


“A unique authorial voice and a captivating account of the lives of three unforgettable characters, all of whom have secrets and challenges to face. Totally unpredictable, hilarious in places, unforgettable.”
— Sophie Hannah

“Here be angels and monkeys, falling to earth and living by one’s wits, dark places and beautiful tricks of radiant light. Vicki Jarrett is more than budding talent: this book full of visual delight and moral questions, in a voice entirely Edinburgh and entirely her own, is in mettlesome bloom. Surprise yourself – read it.”
— Janice Galloway

“A fast-paced novel, with moments of clever writing, I’m excited by this debut novel. I put the book down last night with a smile on my face, and I liked that. Not often do I get such a feeling a peace from a novel, and nor did I expect one from a story so bizarre. Realistic and likeable characters, a great setting, a crazy plot; Jarrett has offered a very enjoyable read.”
— Bethany Anderson, Subtle Melodrama
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