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This second anthology of women’s poetry by UK, US and international poets follows the resounding success of Tabula Rasa, Linen Press, 2023. Here are profound, surprising and moving poems that explore the theme of relationships between women and others who have touched them briefly, or forever. New voices join acclaimed writers.

Publication: 14 March 2024

Paperback: 978-1-7394431-3-9



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Ellen Bass, Cynthia Bernard, Eve West Bessier, Rachel Burns, Ann Cefola, Barbara Crooker, Monica Dobos, Joanne Durham, Linda France, Jane Edberg, Rebecca Faulkner, Beatriz F. Fernandez, Laura Foley, Shelly Eyre Graham, Mare Heron Hake, Stephanie Barbé Hammer, Bonnie Hearn Hill, Andrea Hollander, Mary-Jane Holmes, Avril Joy, Anna Belle Kaufman, Dragana Lazici, Yvonne Leach, Deborah Leipziger, Marilyn Longstaff, Ruth Mota, Brenda Najimian Magarity, Andrea Potos, Stephanie Powell, Lizzie Purkis, Laura Ann Reed, Jess Richards, Belinda Rimmer, Wendy Robertson, Reshma Ruia, Marjorie Saiser, Renée M. Schell, Nicole Schnitzler, Mary Anne Smith Sellen, Merna Dyer Skinner, Mistee St. Clair, Laurel Szymkowiak, Alison Stone, Abigail Thomas, Dara Yen Elerath.

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