Wendy Waters


Ghost story, horror story, thriller, fantasy, fairy tale noir. Catch The Moon, Mary defies classification in its originality and exuberance.

Award winning author, singer and lyricist, Wendy Waters writes prose that soars with breath-taking beauty.

Original and scintillating, tantalising and thought-provoking. A novel about the transforming powers of music and beauty. Wendy Waters’ words shimmer off the page.
— Hazel Phillips, award-winning author of Black River, Bright Star

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About this book

A magical story about a gifted, vulnerable girl who is both saved and damned by an angel who falls in love with her music and claims it in a devilish pact. With Mary in his thrall, he ruthlessly kills all those who threaten his grand plan to bring Mary to Carnegie Hall where her talent will be hailed as supreme.

About the author

Wendy Waters is an award winning author, composer, lyricist and librettist.

Born in Queensland, she grew up in Sydney, lived in the USA for six years, travelled extensively, and now lives in Mount Tamborine, Queensland.

In 2011 she volunteered to work with OASIS Salvation Army Crisis Centre in Sydney, motivating musically talented, underprivileged children.

ISBN: 978-0-9575968-5-6
Published: September 1st, 2015


“A beguiling fantasy, original and unexpected, with glorious prose that drips like honey.”
— Donald Macdonald, writer and director of Letter to Larry and Caravan

“An incredible insight into the fragile nature of humanity and angels… a dark and disturbing world leading to a beautiful clearing where love, fragility and spirituality are revealed in crystal clarity. Sentences of pure gold take us on a magical journey.”
— Nigel Lewis, lighting designer

“Beautifully haunting, achingly lovely.​ ​Poetic simplicity within the prose and ​a story​ ​which unfolds with so much tenderness and grace.​”
— Simon Egerton, theatre director​, writer and ​composer/MD

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