Run Alice, Run by Lynn Michell

Critics’ Reviews

Run Alice Run traces the breaking points of a young girl’s heart and the ways in which each fracture moulds her into the woman she’s become.

— Isabelle Coy-Dibley, The Contemporary Small Press

A very rare thing – a literary novel about female ageing and sexuality that pulls no punches, and it should be applauded for that.

— Chapter and Verse

In this eloquent novel, Lynn Michell ultimately weaves a poignant tale of hard-won freedom. It illustrates how a mutilated sense of self can translate into a set of behaviours that range from self-harm to rebellious cries for help.

— Jenny Garrod, Dundee University Review of the Arts

With a voice as unique as its heroine, Lynn Michell tells the story of one woman’s attempt to understand and acknowledge her past in order to secure and save her future. Her characters are strong and believable. Her settings in Birmingham and Edinburgh are recognisable and fresh, yet coloured by the emotional baggage that Alice brings to them. Insightful and engaging – storytelling at its very best.

— Brook Cottage Books

Melodrama interlocks with irony and subtly paints a portrait of the ageing beautiful woman in Western society. The strength of the book is its humour and that humour remains, despite the drama and the serious issues posed in the narrative about women in today’s society.

— Laura Martignon, Amazon reader