Catch The Moon, Mary by Wendy Waters

Critics’ Reviews

What a talent! The Antipodean Susskind!
Superbly crafted prose in which every single word is ‘in its proper place’ – to quote Mary Granger, Catch The Moon, Mary‘s unlikely heroine. Wendy Waters’ prose is breath-taking and shines like a Bulgari bracelet, each sentence perfectly merging into the next.
Rarely has a first novel been so perfect in its intent, its spirit and its craft.
One reads Mary Granger’s adventures with the criminal yet well intended Angel Gabriel with a sense of intellectual jubilation. It is thrilling, full of suspense, entertaining, witty, and at times roaringly funny.
— Isabelle Vallin-Thorpe, former speechwriter to the Hon Gareth Evans, Australia’s former minister for Foreign Affairs

Original and scintillating, tantalising and thought-provoking. Is the angel real? You bet he is! A novel about the transforming powers of music and beauty. Wendy Waters’ words shimmer off the page.
— Hazel Phillips OAM, Gold Logie Winner, author of Black River, Bright Star

Weaves a singular spell, mesmerising the reader on several levels like a fugue. Wendy Waters and her characters believe deeply in the transformative power of music which pours lyrically from her sentences.
— Joshua Rosenblum, composer, conductor, music critic

A rare and ingenious glimpse into the real and the surreal. Waters interfaces these twin realities with ease and dexterity…A brave and unique journey. 
— Gerry Taylor-Wood, international lecturer on Esoteric Sciences and author of The Journey to a Sacred Well

Wendy Waters writes with an angel’s quill.
— Anthony O’Neill, author of Scheherazade, The Lamplighter, Empire of Eternity

A consummate tale of magical realism… richly satisfying and redemptive.
— Scott Hastie, writer & poet, author of Meditations and Angel Voices

A scintillating tale of the devastating choice between art and love.
— Anne Eston, writer, director and filmmaker, Los Angeles

A beguiling fantasy, original and unexpected, with glorious prose that drips like honey.
— Donald Macdonald, writer and director of Letter to Larry and Caravan

An incredible insight into the fragile nature of humanity and angels… a dark and disturbing world leading to a beautiful clearing where love, fragility and spirituality are revealed in crystal clarity. Sentences of pure gold take us on a magical journey.
— Nigel Lewis, lighting designer

Beautifully haunting, achingly lovely.​ ​Poetic simplicity within the prose and ​a story​ ​which unfolds with so much tenderness and grace.​
— Simon Egerton, theatre director​, writer and ​composer/MD

Waters composes an extraordinary tale that intertwines a Faustian pact between a musical child-prodigy and a beguiling angel with the themes of family, love, and the transcendent powers of art. Waters’ style is lyrical, captivating, and rich, flowing melodiously through the original structure that comprises musical compositions and rhythms rather than conventional chapters. continue reading review →
— Marija Spirkovska, MSc graduate of the University of Edinburgh