In January 2019 The Whole Kahani released May We Borrow Your Country to a packed hall at Waterstones Gower Street.

Our first reviewer, Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone wrote:

‘…while these stories might suggest a readership because of their authorship, the collection is exactly about fighting against such easy assumptions…These stories are part of the whole story and as such essential reading for everyone.’

Those are exactly our thoughts. We are grateful to the literary festivals that gave us a platform in 2019 and allowed us to prove that “everyone” was interested and that the stories might be specific to certain settings but the human dilemmas portrayed, and sometimes resolved, are universal. We particularly enjoyed the discussions with the audience after our readings.

Over the year May We Borrow Your Country has collected a clutch of good reviews.

I have linked to some of them at the end of this piece. The reviews offer a flavour of the short stories and poems in the book.  As another early reviewer, Tracy Fells, said:

‘I enjoyed every piece in this anthology, there really is something for all tastes and the writing is superb throughout.’

The Whole Kahani

We were delighted when the book was shortlisted for ‘Best Anthology 2019’ in the Saboteur Awards. This accolade was really due to our genuinely enthusiastic readers who voted for us. Thank you all, we really appreciate the massive support you showed us; and from four continents too!

If you haven’t already got your own copy here’s the chance to buy the e-book for just £1.99 from the Linen Press site. The normal price is £4.99. This offer is valid for one week only from 20-27 January 2020.

I’ll end with a quote from one of our readers:

‘The Whole Kahani is a unique collective lending a fresh perspective to the British literary landscape. The panoramic sweep of these stories is impressive.’

Kavita A. Jindal is the co-founder of The Whole Kahani.

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