We’ve veered off our familiar publishing territory of fiction and memoir into the literary long grass of short stories and poetry. May We Borrow Your Country? is the first anthology of short form writing to be published by Linen Press and we’re proud and excited to be working with a collective of Asian writers, The Whole Kahani. www.thewholekahani.com.

In different voices, in different styles, in different moods, the stories and poems explore what it means to be displaced, to be without roots, and to feel estranged. In crossing borders and leaving countries, we need to re-think and recast our own cultural and personal identities as we try to accommodate the customs of a different culture. The synopsis of this unsolicited submission immediately held my attention: ‘What does it mean to be displaced and exist between boundaries – emotional, cultural, and geographical? How does one grow roots in a fluid, shifting space? How does one build a sense of self or form lasting attachments when one is not sure of one’s own footing. How does one adapt, improvise, and compromise in unfamiliar landscapes and make them one’s own.”

The Whole Kahani (The Whole Story) is a collective of British writers of South Asian origin who are published and prize winning novelists, poets, short story and screen writers. Their aim is to increase the visibility of new South Asian voices in the literary scene. Their first anthology, Love Across A Broken Map, has received very favourable reviews.