UPDATE: Voting now open!

For guidance on how to cast your vote for Sometimes a River Song, follow this handy guide put together by Avril herself, available on her website: avriljoy.com

We are delighted to announce that our own Avril Joy has reached the final 12 in the People’s Book Prize for her hauntingly beautiful novel, Sometimes a River Song, available from Linen Press now.

Votes already cast for the final 12 for 2017 are carried over when the last four are chosen on May 14th. After that, voting reopens for just one week only, when you can add to votes already in.

You can’t vote yet! When the poll reopens, you can cast your vote for Sometimes a River Song over at the People’s Book Prize website.  Be sure to follow Linen Press Books on Facebook and Linen Press Books on Twitter for updates and reminders to show your support for this dazzling novel.


Set in a river boat community in Arkansas in the 1930s, this poignant story chronicles Aiyana Weir’s spirited determination to break away from a life, like that of the women around her, defined and dominated by brutal patriarchy.

An amazing, beautiful book with echoes of Eimear McBride. Avril Joy knows how to draw you into the story, right into the soul of the narrator. Aiyana’s voice is the voice of the river. I could have gone on listening to that song for ever.

— Kathleen Jones, author of A Passionate Sisterhood: The Sisters, Wives and Daughters of the Lake Poets

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Best of luck Avril! x