Stephanie Taylor

Lynn Michell writes on behalf of Stephanie

I think of Stephanie as my all-singing-all-dancing young author. She has a multitude of creative talents – she writes, illustrates, draws cartoons, makes videos, sings, dances and teaches. She is very much of this generation and a whizz with technology and social networking, and a performance artist who does not shrink from the limelight. She draws on her strong visual ability in her writing. She recently reached the finals of The Big Art Challenge and was 2008 runner-up in the Manga Jiman competition with her extended illustrated poem Raku Ninja.

Stephanie is Scottish born and bred and lives in Midlothian where she writes, facilitates creative writing classes, edits various magazines and prepares for marathons. She is married with two energetic young sons.

The Devil, The Device & Me, Stephanie’s debut novel, is daring, blackly funny and unusual. It is about two strong Scottish women, mother and daughter, who have their backs against the wall. It will make you laugh and cry.

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Stephanie’s books published by Linen Press

The Devil, The Device & Me