Jane Edberg

Jane Edberg was born in Windsor, England but resides in the United States on the coast of California with her husband. She is an author and an artist and holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of California, Davis with an emphasis in photography and performance art. Her artworks have been exhibited internationally. She taught photography and art as a tenured professor at Gavilan College for twenty-two years. She currently teaches writing at California State University Monterey Bay’s Osher’s Lifelong Learning Institute.

Jane serves as the arts editor and a contributing editor at The Journal of Radical Wonder. Her writing is featured in the books, Death, and its Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Beautiful Lessons: Field Notes from The Death Dialogues Project; My Dead; in the flash anthology, BAM 42 Stories; and in many journals, including MacQueens Quinterly, Cholla Needles, and Gyroscope Review. She is a Community of Writers alumna (Squaw Valley).

Jane’s author website: https://www.janeedberg.com<

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