Rebecca Pitt


I’m anything but a recent graduate but have a degree in English Language and Literature from Durham University. I’m heading towards the end of a career in valuation surveying and looking forward to having more time for important things – doģs, donkeys and books.

I live on top of a windy hill in rural Derbyshire with my husband, four donkeys and three dogs. I aspire to add Indian Runner Ducks and miniature goats to the family.

I have wide reading tastes but can’t cope with science fiction.  What I look for in a book is the quality of the writing,  an interesting structure and strong characterisation. I love Linen Press because that is what their books offer. I found LP by chance when I came across The Missing and loved it. And have bought many more since.

When the donkeys and dogs allow it, I enjoy travel and am particularly drawn to the Middle East.