Katarzyna Stępień


I am a freelancer and recent graduate with a Masters Degree in Comparative Literature at UCL. In recent years, I worked for newspapers, culture magazines, a film festival, various cultural and academic events, and a publishing house. Among the most interesting projects was being part of an independent publishing house, published various academic and non-academic articles, participated in many conferences (two of which I organised), co-organised a festival on sexual education, and worked as a part of press support centre at the Camerimage Film Festival for three consecutive years.
During my free time I chase the sun, travel to the most isolated places, read everything I can stumble upon as I have a problem with limiting myself (everyone has a tiny addiction, innit?), draw, paint, practise yoga, meditate, and simply try to be happy.
On a daily basis I live in London, but I like to delve into a fantasy of living in a hut somewhere in the middle of a forest.