Meet the team

Lynn Michell
I want to read beautifully crafted writing that speaks to women. I want to fall into a novel and not emerge until its ending. I want to gasp at sentences that defy literary gravity. read more →
Trish Gutteridge
Trish has always worked in finance and just happens to be Lynn's sister! She does all the sums and keeps the spreadsheets in order. read more →
Rebecca Pitt
I’m anything but a recent graduate but have a degree in English Language and Literature from Durham University. read more →
Aislinn Nolan
Aislinn is working towards her Master’s in Women, Writing and Gender. read more →
Rosie Pundick
Rosie is an English Literature student in her second year at the University of Bristol. read more →
Sri Jonnalagedda
Sri has a BA in English and American literature and is currently studying for a masters degree in Classics at Kings College London. read more →
Aurelia Knight
Aurelia is a second-year English Literature and Classic studies student at the University of Bristol. read more →
Megan Stoker
Megan is currently pursuing a Master's in Publishing after graduating in English and Related Literature.
read more →
Mariam Hanna
Mariam was born in Iraq and is currently completing an MA in English Literature at Queen Mary University of London. read more →