Meet the team

I want to read beautifully crafted writing that speaks to women. I want to fall into a novel and not emerge until its ending. I want to gasp at sentences that defy literary gravity. read more →
Hannah is studying a Masters at Durham University, where her main research interests lie in poetry. read more →
Trish has always worked in finance and just happens to be Lynn's sister! She does all the sums and keeps the spreadsheets in order. read more →
Sarah C
 Sarah recently graduated from the University of Exeter with a degree in English Literature and is now striving to enter the world of publishing.
read more →
Sarah H
Sarah is a recent history graduate of Exeter University who hopes to pursue a career in publishing. read more →
Chania is a recent English Literature graduate who is excited to combine her love of literature with her interest in illuminating and elevating diverse female voices. read more →
Emma M
Emma is studying English at university and has a book account on Instagram with over 4,000 followers. read more →