I keep the website running and manage all the behind-the-scenes technical issues at Linen Press.

I have a background in language and linguistics, and taught English for many years before the classroom wore me out. A dramatic career change led me to write copy for commercial websites within a brand and design studio and from there I found my calling as a digital project manager, brand and user experience consultant. I still wear all those hats working for Linen Press.

I’m a geek at heart; I love the World Wide Web and all it brings to our society and culture. And I want our users to enjoy visiting the Linen Press website, blissfully unaware of the magic going on behind the curtain.

I’m an avid reader and a writer, too, so working with Lynn means I also get a glimpse of how publishing works from the inside. I hope to use that to my advantage when I’m ready to publish my first novel.

Lynn is passionate about her writers and their audience, and it’s a true pleasure to be part of an enthusiastic, caring team.