Homer the Dog



I am Homer. I was taken by my previous family to Edinburgh’s Seafield Cat & Dog Home when I was young and left there. I was put in a cage. All around were angry, snarling, barking, fighting dogs. The noise was horrible.

After a few days, a woman stopped and looked at me for a long time. Then I was led out of the cage, and she and a tall man took me to my new home.

Now I live in France on a big piece of land. All around are woods where I can smell wild boars. The chasseurs (I know a few French words) drive up our steep hill three mornings a week with their gun dogs. Then I hear shooting noises.

My master is building something very big and spends too long in a digger moving rocks and earth. My mistress spends too much time writing at her computer and then she gets very tired. I have to remind her to leave her desk, or her bed, and go for a walk.

I go swimming in the river and reservoir. I love chasing sticks but not giving them up. I have learnt to balance in a canoe on the River Orb.

I am a happy dog but I still get very very anxious if my mistress leaves me alone – even for a few minutes in the car. I stare and stare until she returns.