I read books just as I watch films – obsessively.

There are always hidden folds in any creative piece and books are no exception. In film they can be seen quite quickly​: what does this angle mean? ​how is this woman being portrayed? ​what could this suggest regarding the current status of society? It​’s these questions and more that keep me up at night researching online social forums about snippets in films that can trigger a ridiculous amount of theory and speculation. Some of this I have used in my various essays during university whilst studying media but, for the most part, I do it because I enjoy it​. It’s a black hole from which I do not emerge for days at a time.

Though I am now beginning my ​Masters in film and screen cultures​,​ I have not forgotten my love for books. I want to use my knowledge of film theory to target audiences, whether ​through social media, events or advertising our books. I look forward to helping in any way to give women a voice. A voice that is rarely heard through any medium.