Lynn Michell

Once upon a time I had a day job as an academic lecturing in English and Psychology. Later I did research that was a bit like anthropology: I spent one year in a Glasgow secondary school recording my conversations with teenagers and finding out what it was like to be them. I have always been interested in writing up the lives of other people and giving them a voice.

Then I became ill. Very, very ill. Not just me, but my two sons and several academics in my husband’s department. We all had ME. I tried going back to work after six years but only lasted eighteen months before a severe relapse.

Seven years on, I tried to exit the ME ghetto again. I ran a gentle, weekly creative writing class at The Salisbury Centre in Edinburgh. I discovered that I loved working with writers, was good at mentoring and above all was passionate about good prose. I set up Linen Press as a natural next step.

I have always written. I must be a very slow learner, not recognising that I should have stuck with writing and editing all along. The world of books is where I belong. It is satisfying to work closely with my authors and to turn a promising manuscript into a beautiful book, and I revel in each unique and challenging publisher-writer relationship.

Recently there have been big changes in my personal life. Seven years ago we started work on a half-built house on a rocky, isolated hillside in France. Now completion is in sight. Six years ago, I become the grandmother of twin girls. Incredibly, in April 2017, another set of twin girls were born. Two sons, both with twin girls when we have none in our families—more female stories unfolding.

Lynn’s books published by Linen Press

White Lies (Accepted for publication in hardback by Quartet Books)

Shooting Stars are the Flying Fish of the Night (with Stefan Gregory)

Lynn’s books published by other publishers

Write From The Start. Oliver & Boyd.

Growing Up in Smoke. Pluto Press.

A Stranger At My Table: Mothering Adolescents. (Ed) The Women’s Press.

Shattered: Life With ME. HarperCollins.

Wild On Her Blue Days. (Ed). AmberSand Press.

Letters To My Semi-Detached Son: A Mother’s Story. The Women’s Press.

Run, Alice, Run IQ Press.

The Red Beach Hut. IQ Press.